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We offer free of charge home visits to suit you and your family after a telephone consultation. Please contact us to arrange this.

Call Daniel on
07747 591094 if you have an item you would like us to value.

  • We understand that clearing a loved ones property can be a challenging time. So Kings Antiques and Collectables offer a professional and reliable house clearance service.

  • We can work directly with you, with the estate agents or with solicitors.

  • In most cases we offer a free complete or part clearance as long as the property has re sellable items that will cover our costs.

  • If the property contains items of a higher value, we will pay you!

  • Recycling is very important to us, so we try to ensure that items are reused, recycled or donated to charity where possible.

  • All property and out houses left clean and tidy.

  • At Kings Antiques and Collectables, we know how difficult and challenging it can be when you are left with a loved ones estate.

  • In these circumstances, Daniel will offer a sympathetic approach to assist you with the contents of the property once you and your family have agreed which items you would like to keep for sentimental reasons.

  • With a professional eye we will help guide you to what has value and what could to go to charity, or if preferred, you could use our reliable house clearance service to help take stress out of this difficult situation.

  • We are always happy to work alongside solicitors and estate agents during the probate process.

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